Well Testing services

The Well Testing services of SeaLand cover the following disciplines: Surface Well Testing, Pressure Measurements, Fluid Sampling & Analysis and Drill-Stem Testing.

SeaLand is a leading provider of dynamic flow evaluation, clean up and flow back services in the region. Our technical expert community have many years of experience in the region, and have carried out operations on HPHT, high H2S, CO2, high rate oil and gas wells and extended well testing operations. Our values are excellence in services delivery, safe operations with specific focus on protecting the environment where we operate.

Wellbore Clean Up & Flow Back Services

SeaLand understands the importance of success of all well clean up and flow back operations. It is important before putting the well on production to ensure that the fluids lost during drilling, completion, or injected following stimulation operations are removed. Wellbore Clean Up and Flow Back Operations provide the ability to optimize the reservoir deliverability, obtain optimal water separation and efficient oil and gas disposal either through burning or reinjecting the separated oil and the flaring of the gas.

Flare-less Solutions

A full range of equipment is available to provide the best possible flareless solution to our customers. This includes:

  • Multiphase Flow Meters
  • High Rate injection pumps
  • High Capacity Safe Oil storage tanks
  • Double Stage Separation Equipment

Sampling Services

SeaLand provides reservoir sampling services for both the exploration and production markets (all mercury free). Delivered by highly trained and qualified personnel combined with reputable field proven technologies.

  • Bottom hole Monophasic Samplers
  • Positive displacement cylinders
  • Oil, Gas sampling and analysis
  • Surface sampling