Tehran Headquarters

The Tehran Headquarters operates as a fully functional office, housing senior management, operation managers, the sales team, and various support functions.

Address: Floor 23, Negar Tower, Vanak Sq.,

PO Code:1969833111

Tel: 98 21 88642100

Fax: 98 21 88642111

Kish Island Operation Base:

SeaLand’s Kish Operational provide a robust infrastructure to support Wireline and Directional Drilling offshore operational activities. Spanning across a spacious area of 5,000 m2, the base offers ample room to cater to the requirements of all offshore operations. Within this area, there are dedicated office spaces encompassing 1,000 m2, providing a conducive environment for administrative tasks, coordination, and management. These office facilities serve as the central hub where teams can efficiently collaborate and oversee the smooth functioning of offshore operations. The well-designed and functional facilities ensure that all operational needs are met effectively, enabling a seamless and productive workflow.

Address:  Industrial Phase #3 , Block 80

Tel: 0764-4450535

Ahwaz Operation Base:

SeaLand’s Ahvaz Operational Premises is a comprehensive and fully integrated facility solely dedicated to Wireline, Directional Drilling and Surface Well Test land operations. Encompassing an expansive area of 9,000 m2, the premises feature 3,500 m2 of workshops and maintenance facilities seamlessly connected to 500 m2 of office space where our field managers and essential support staff are located. Additionally, the yard storage area spans approximately 5,000 m2, providing ample room to accommodate the needs of all land operations while ensuring efficient servicing.

Address:  Imam Khomeini Road, Boromi

Tel: 061-34427651, 2

Fax: 061-34427418