Procurement Services

We offer procurement services that provide the equipment and material that meets the ever increasing standards of our clients.

The two main objectives of procurement outsourcing is reduction in cost and tightening of focus on core competencies.



SeaLand engages in strategic practice of planning for and acquiring the organization’s current and future materials and service needs through effectively managing the supply base, utilizing ERP to achieve the organizational mission

  • Suppliers identification, selection, and development
  • Negotiation and contracting
  • Supply market research
  • Suppliers measurement
  • Purchasing systems development
  • Conduct joint cost reduction with suppliers
  • Building relationships and contribute to organizations competitive advantage through strategic procurement partnering alliance



Procurement Outsourcing activity allows Companies to benefit from experience, expertise and support offered by procurement specialists. Procurement outsourcing avoids creation of an internal team and time involved to structure itself, its process, and expertise.