Directional Drilling Services

D&M Mission

Creating superior value for our clients through high service quality and new technology, all while maintaining a strong commitment to business ethics and a sustainable environment

D&M Vision

Our objective is to establish ourselves as one of the top three D&M service providers in the Middle East by consistently delivering high-quality services, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and providing innovative solutions to our esteemed clients.

D&M Values

Safety: Safety is paramount to us, and we prioritize the well-being of our employees, contractors, customers, and their assets. It is the cornerstone of sustainable service.

  • Quality: We equip our knowledgeable employees with high-quality equipment and closely monitor all our processes to ensure the highest level of quality is consistently achieved.
  • Reliability: We understand that quality is only valuable when it is reliable. Our clients can trust that they will receive the highest quality of service every time, without fail.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration is key to our success. We work together as a team and celebrate victories together. Our clients can depend on us as reliable team members.
  • Innovation: We believe in reintegrating science into drilling services where it is most essential. We make informed decisions backed by knowledge, promoting innovation within the industry.
  • Learning: We embrace both our mistakes and our greatest achievements as valuable learning opportunities. We continuously share the knowledge gained by our company with our employees.
  • Environment: “Save the Environment, Save the World.” We consider caring for the environment not merely an obligation but a vital aspect of our existence. D&M maintains a strict commitment to environmental stewardship.

D&M Goals

By defining clear goals and objectives, DM will enhance its ability to deliver best-in-class services to its customers in a more effective and efficient manner. Given the sensitive nature of the work, it is crucial to establish a secure system setup. The objectives of DM serve as a documented plan to guide employees in developing and configuring secure processes for implementing such a solution, which are outlined below:

  1. Increase market share for the D&M business unit.
  2. Generate superior profits for shareholders.
  3. Maximize service variety by leveraging new technology.
  4. Exceed customer and community expectations through exceptional delivery.
  5. Provide optimized and secure services to customers.

D&M Services:

Well planning, engineering, and feasibility studies.

  • Provision of mud motors and BHA components.
  • Measurement while drilling.
  • Logging while drilling.
  • Multi-Activation Circulation Sub.
  • Rotary Steerable System.
  • Drilling bits.

Equipment and Resources:

  • Mud Motors
  • Rotary Steerable System (RSS)
  • Measurement While Drilling Equipment (MWD)
  • Logging While Drilling Equipment (LWD)
  • Drilling Tools