SeaLand Wireline Department

Wireline Mission

To deliver superior value through high quality and high technology services while being committed to business ethics and sustainable environment.

Wireline Vision

To become regional industry leader Wireline service provider via keeping up high quality service, technology and solution to our clients

Wireline Values

People: Our diverse workforce is dedicated to ensuring a sustainable environment and prioritizing safety while delivering excellent customer service.

  • Technology: Our competitive edge lies in our commitment to technology and quality.
  • Business Ethics: Our drive for future growth and independence is based on generating superior value with the right business ethics.

Wireline Introduction

Wireline is a division of the SeaLand Oil Field Services (OFS) Department, offering wide range of logging services including open hole, cased hole, production, and perforation services. Operational planning, engineering, and coordination take place at our Tehran and Ahwaz bases. Service delivery is carried out from Ahwaz for onshore fields and from Kish for offshore fields.

We established a robust system supported by online software for asset management consisting maintenance record, calibration hisoty, mobilization tracking and certification that ensure us about equipment performance.

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management is supervised by QHSE staff at all locations. Data quality and integrity control are conducted by WL’s technical with support from SeaLand Geomission segment.

SeaLand Wireline department was established in 2010. We proud of delivering sustainable high-quality services to the National Iranian Oil Company and its subsidiary companies, including NISOC, IOOC, POGC, NIOC Exploration, and ICOFC, over the years. With the expertise of our experienced personnel in the operations team, technical and maintenance team, Geomission team, support team, asset controller team, and others, we strive to continually enhance our service quality. Our performance has been validated by over 1200 successful operations and more than 100 appreciation letters received from various clients in the past decade.

WL Facilities and Equipment

  • Offshore Wireline Skids for Open Hole and Cased Hole operations
  • Offshore Wireline Skids for Cased Hole operations
  • Logging Trucks for Open Hole and Cased Hole services
  • Mast Truck
  • Tehran Office
  • Kish Workshop
  • Ahwaz Workshop

Our Services

  • Open Hole Services
    • Fullset (Resistivity- Induction strings)
    • Micro Resistivity Imaging Tool (XRMI)
    • Dipole Sonic Tool (XMAC)
    • DCBIL tool (Borehole Image)
    • Formation Tester (SXDT)
  • Cased Hole Services
  • CBL- Cement Bond Log
  • SBT- Segmented Bond Tool
  • RBT – Radial Bond Tool (1 11/16”)
  • DCBIL – Digital Circumferential Borehole Imaging Log (Casing Corrosion)
  • Pipe Recovery Services (FPIT, Back Off, Colliding)
  • Bridge Plug Setting
  • Vertical Seismic profile (VSP)
  • Gyro
  • Production Services
    • PSP – Positive sealing Plug (Through Tubing)
    • Cement Dump Bailer (Through Tubing)
    • PLT – Production Logging Tool
    • MFI – Multi-finger Imager (Casing Corrosion)
    • SNL-HPT
  • Perforation Services
    • Wireline Perforation
    • E-Line Perforation
    • Tubing Conveyed Perforation
    • Coil Tubing Perforation

WL Quality Assurance

  • Technical support department
  • Risk Management (RCR, RISCOT, MOC/EXMP)
  • Knowledge sharing hub
  • Promoting Staff Knowledge & Skills
  • Learning From Incident form (LFI)
  • Regular technical meetings
  • Preventive maintenance schedule
  • Implementation of Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Internal Audit Plan (SQ Process-OMS)
  • Customer Survey (CRM)
  • Systematic Cause Analysis Technique (SCAT)