SeaLand Wireline Department


SeaLand Wireline department was founded in 2012. We are proud to work as Service Company for National Iranian Oil Company and their subset companies such as NISOC, IOOC, POGC and ICOFC during these years. We are trying to improve quality, through Experienced personnel operation team, DIC team, Technical Support team, Asset controller team and… More than 600 operations and 100 appreciation letters from different clients in recent years have confirmed our performance.

According to the managers’ guidelines and the ISO regulations, it is still trying to keep track of its guards and provide new services to their employer daily.

Our Services

Open-hole full-suite logs:

  • Resistivity & Array Resistivity      
  • Induction & Array Induction      
  • Nuclear      
  • Sonic      
  • Well-Bore Geometry And Auxiliary      
  • Hostile & Slim Full-Suite Logs

 Imaging logs:

  • Micro Resistivity Imager – STAR* / XRMI      
  • Oil-base Mud Resistivity Imager – OMRI* (OBMI)      
  • Circumferential Borehole Image Log – CBIL* (UBI)      
  • Ultrasonic Cement Imager – USCI* (USIT)      
  • Cross Multi-pole Array Acoustics – XMAC* (Sonic Scanner)      
  • Vertical Seismic Profile – VSP*      
  • Magnetic Resonance Image Log – MRIL*  


Formation Evaluation & Sampling:      

  • Slim eXpress Dynamics Tester – SXDT* (Slim XPT)      
  • Modular Dynamics Evaluation Tool* – MDET (MDT)      
  • Rotary Sidewall Coring – SCOR*

 Cased-Hole Logs:

  • CBL/VDL & Slim CBL/VDL      
  • RBT     
  • PLT & HPIP (Horizontal Production Imaging Platform)      
  • RSMT (Sigma & Carbone-Oxygen log)      
  • MPBT/PSP Plugs      
  • TIRP (Trough-tubing Inflatable Retrievable Plug)
  • Wireline perforation


  • Continuous Directional Recording – CDR            
  • Four Independent Arm Caliper – FIAC            
  • GYRO            
  • Pipe Recovery and Auxiliary Services

Special Services:

  • TLS (Tool-pusher Logging System)         
  • CTL (Coil Tubing Logging)         
  • LWF (Logging While Fishing)         
  • WJET (Wireline Jar Electromotion Tool)         
  • GAD  (Gravity Assisted Deployment Tool)         
  • Downhole Tractor


  • Log Data Processing    
  • Log Evaluation    
  • Array sonic data modeling    
  • NMR data processing & modeling  


  • Image Log Interpretation (Structural, Sedimentology)    
  • Geo steering and Geological Tracking  

Reservoir Engineering:    

  • Wireline Formation Tester (WFT) Analysis    
  • Production Logging Interpretation




Wireline Team, Aug-2018