IPM (Integrated Project Management) Department


Lead Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production value chain by EPD/EPC project and field development service. Deliver Turnkey solution with focus on service quality and client needs and expectations.


To develop a complete chain Exploration and Production company and become pioneer E&P company in the market.


  • Safety: We live it! We value the safety of our employees, contractors, costumers and their assets. Safety is the core of a sustainable service.
  • Quality: We put high quality equipment in the hands of knowledgeable employees. We monitor all of our processes to ensure highest quality is achieved.
  • Reliability: Quality is valuable when it is reliable. Clients can be assured they will receive the highest possible quality of service possible, each and every time.
  • Innovation: We ought to bring science back to drilling services, where it is the most needed. Making systematic decisions backed by knowledge.
  • Learning: We learn from our mistakes as well as our best achievements. We continuously share the company’s acquired knowledge with our employees.
  • Environment: “Save the Environment, Save the World”. Taking care of environment is not an obligation – Our environment is our life.


IPM Activities

SeaLand Integrated Project Management (IPM) undertakes complicated projects, managing and handling with tailored, integrated solutions.

IPM provides the expertise and processes to improve performance and increase efficiency by integrating all EPD-EPC projects from location construction to drilling and completing a well and execution of production lines to the production unit.

SeaLand IPM possess well experienced professional team with in-house advanced drilling services including Directional Drilling, Wireline Logging, Perforation, surface well testing and QHSE & Inspection Services allowing us the flexibility to control the schedule and minimize the project costs.

Currently, SeaLand IPM is developing 16 wells in BiBi Hakimeh oilfield as following in EPD and EPC parts:

  • Engineering, Procurement, Drilling & Completion of 6 New Development Wells
  • Engineering, Procurement, Drilling & Completion of 10 Workover Re-Entry Wells
  • Integrated Field Study & Offset Drilling Analysis using Modern Data Mining
  • Construction of Well pads, Access Roads, Surface Facilities, Production Pipe line, Gas Injection line, Drilling water transfer lines and storage pools

IPM Achievement

  • Drilling Two Directional Asmari Wells Ahead of Contractual Plan
  • Successful Completion of Two Wells with Standard Gas Lift Completion String
  • Planning and execution of Rigless Integrated Production Services with the oil production rate much beyond the client scope.
  • Construction of 4 EPC Location and Working on 7 EPC location, simultaneously in a Complicated Environment.