Oceaneering Develops Remote Streaming Method for UWILD

//Oceaneering Develops Remote Streaming Method for UWILD

Oceaneering Develops Remote Streaming Method for UWILD

April 30, 2018 — Houston, Texas — Oceaneering International, Inc. (“Oceaneering”) is pleased to announce a remote method for conducting underwater inspection in lieu of drydocking (UWILD) services.

Working with major classification societies, Oceaneering developed a program that provides a safer, faster, and more efficient process for class surveyors to oversee underwater inspections from onshore. This remote process reduces mobilization costs and associated risk exposure, while allowing class surveyors to manage multiple remote UWILD surveys, regardless of location.

Oceaneering collaborated with Transocean to develop a remote UWILD technique that would meet its fleet-wide inspection needs. As part of this development process, live demonstrations were conducted with Transocean and class survey representatives.

Mike Ellis, Oceaneering’s Vice President of Subsea Projects, said, “Oceaneering’s remote UWILD service will help enhance the efficiency and quality of inspections, and can enable our customers to achieve cost savings by reducing mobilization costs and increasing safety. In addition, our remote UWILD service leverages Oceaneering’s portfolio of services and products, including its ROV capabilities, asset integrity expertise, and data transmission services, allowing us to offer our customers a more integrated solution.”

To learn more about how Oceaneering can improve the safety and quality of your UWILD, please visit https://www.oceaneering.com/UWILD.